Divine RPG

For a lot of information about divine RPG, such as mob info and item info, visit the Divine RPG Official Wiki.

Outside of that, There are a lot of differences between what information is available there, and how the server uses the mod.

Some key information is:


Iceika is one of the many realms introduced by Divine RPG. However, for some reason it seems to be fairly difficult to find out how to get there, so I will state here that the portal to this realm is created by stacking snow blocks (made by 4 snowballs each) in a portal shape (like a nether portal), and then using a Twilight Clock on one of the lower blocks.


Put quite simply, Arcana does not work. Unless the mod is updated to have better SMP support, it will not work on the Epic Mod Pack server. It will still have limited use in SSP if you are just playing the mod pack by yourself, but that functionality is limited to the arcana items, not the realm (as far as I can manage). 

That said, I have made many items normallyonly obtainable through use of the Arcana realm available as drops from infernal mobs. These items include (but are not limited to) athetic blocks like lamps and bricks, to functional ones such as special furnaces and chests etc. 


At the moment, there are a lot of SMP issues with boss summoning. The Epic Mod Pack server currently only has 2 functioning bosses, and as far as I can tell the others do not work properly even on SMP right now (though that may just be mod conflicts). We currently can only summon the Ancient Entity in the overworld and The Watcher in the Nether.

That said, the lack of bosses in the server and mod pack has been made up for with the infernal mobs drop table. All boss-specific drops, such as Halite Stones and Boss Souls, as well as Twilight essence and Orchicalcum. This means of course that infernal mob drops are currently the only way to make the best weapons and armor in the game (Halite and Twilight).

Other Things Worth Noting:Edit

Among those items being added to infernal mob drops, a lot of very important items have been added to their drop table, such as the cosmetic armor sets, the extremely important Angelic Armor pieces, and all of the items required to make it individually. This is of course just the tip of the iceburg, and I have no plans at this time to spoil all of the different items that the infernal mobs can drop.